Rainbows, sparkles and Fairy Dust!  Every little girl’s dream is to be a Unicorn!

“Smash” cakes

“Smash” cakes are quite the latest trend for babies celebrating their 1st and 2nd birthdays.  For those of you who aren’t quite sure about this trend, a small cake (usually a 15cm cake or a Giant cupcake) is made for a photo shoot for the lucky little cutie pie to sit in front of and literally “smash” the cake.  Lots of photos are taken of this event for those special treasured moments and who knows, maybe to reappear at a 21st birthday party one day🙂  Here are a few photos of some “smash” cakes I’ve made:


Chocolate Drip Cakes

Chocolate Drip cakes are an overload of chocolate, biscuits, fresh fruit, macarons and sweets!  Perfect for men and ladies and chocoholics!

Naked & Semi Naked Cakes

Becoming more popular are the very natural looking “naked” sponge cakes  or the semi naked sponge cakes, which have just a touch of buttercream icing on the outside.  They can be decorated with fresh flowers, fresh fruit or just a sprinkling of icing sugar.  Very elegant and delicious!

Marshmallow pops!

These tasty treats are fast becoming a firm favourite at parties, weddings and baby showers.  Marshmallows dipped in delicious chocolate and coated with colourful 100’s and 1000’s to match the colour of the cake / party.  Here are s few examples:

Toy Story





Pink and Mint

Decorated biscuits

Biscuits come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and decorated to your specific requirements!

Christmas and New Year celebrations

Christmas time is always such a lovely time of the year with all the festivities going on!  Here are just a few of the designs I have been busy with this year.  Traditional fruit cakes or sponge cakes – don’t forget to order in time!

Cupcakes for all occasions

Below are just a few ideas for cupcakes for any occasion.  We will make whatever your heart desires!

Wedding cakes

Wedding Days are such an important day for the happy couple and the wedding cake is one of the main features of their celebration.  I offer free consultations to discuss their wedding cake of their dreams.